Half Moon Lake Resort

Rules, Regulations and Waiver of Liability

  1. USE: The camper/permit holder shall use the Designated Site for recreational purposes only and shall not allow the same to be used in any manner inconsistent with such occupation so as to be a nuisance, annoyance, damage or inconvenience to the Resort or to the campers of adjoining sites.
  2. GATE ACCESS: The entrance gate will be locked from 11PM to 6AM. After-hour call out fee of $75.00 per call will be charged if management is required to open entrance gate after 11PM, for a non-emergency.  

Campers will receive an access code on check in.  Sharing of the gate code will result in immediate eviction, without a refund.

  1. PAYMENT: Payment of the entire balance is required at the time of booking.
  2. CHECK IN AND OUT: Check in time is 2:00 PM; Check out time is 11:00 AM. Late check out is permitted if the site is available.
  3. QUIET HOURS: Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. During this time, no unnecessary driving in the Resort areas, no music and voices must be kept down.
  4. CAMPING UNITS: Only one camping unit per site, except for a temporary tent for minor children. 
  5. NUMBER OF PEOPLE PER SITE: A maximum of 4 adults per designated site. The maximum occupancy on a designated site is 6 people if there are children under the age of 17.
  6. PERMIT HOLDERS: Permit holders must be at least 18 years of age. The permit holder is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their family and guests on the designated site.
  7. CANCELLATIONS: Nightly campsite Cancellations received within 14 days of the scheduled arrival date will result in the forfeiture of your entire site booking fees.  Cancellations received before this 14-day period are subject to a cancellation fee, the remainder, excluding the booking fee, is toe be refunded to the credit card on file.

Cabin and Glamping cancellations received within 30 days of the scheduled arrival date will result in the forfeiture of your entire payment.  Cancellations received before the 30-day period are subject to a cancellation fee, the remainder, excluding the booking fee, is to be refunded to the credit card on file.  For any no-shows or early departures, the camper will be responsible for the full amount of their reservations and management may re-rent the site at their discretion.

Cancellations will only be accepted by email to info@halfmoonlakeresort.com.  Cancellations will not be accepted by phone.   No Refunds or Credits will be issued for inclement weather. 

  1. PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS: Are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children on their Designated Site and throughout the Resort. Children 14 or under are required to be on their Designated Sites by 10PM. 
  2. VISITORS: All visitors must be registered at the store prior to accessing the Resort. Visitors are required to pay a day use fee.   Visitors are the responsibility of the permit holder.  The permit holder must inform their visitors of all Resort rules.  Visitors are required to leave by 10PM.

VISITORS DO NOT have access to the swimming pool.

  1. BEHAVIOUR: Campers and their visitors must obey all posted signs with the Resort. Disruption or interference with anyone’s use of the Resort shall not be permitted.  In the case of unruly behaviour and/or illegal activities, Resort Management reserves the right to terminate the permit, with no refund or return privileges.  Abusive language or conduct of any kind is not permitted. 


  1. GENERATORS: Use of a generator is strictly prohibited.
  2. FIREWOOD: No outside firewood can be brought into the Resort.  Outside firewood will be confiscated.  Firewood is available for purchase. 

Fires are only permitted within the designated fire pit.

  1. CAMPFIRES: Campfires must be less than two feet in height.  No burning of garbage leaves or other scrap wood.  The use of all liquid agents or petroleum products such as gasoline is prohibited for starting or maintaining campfires in the Resort.  Campers are required to be aware of fire warnings and fire bans.   Burning of trees and branches from the Resort are not permitted to be burned.
  2. LANGUAGE: Inappropriate language, including foul and abusive, at the discretion of the Resort will not be tolerated and may result in eviction.  Racial discrimination and racial slurs WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  3. VANDILISM: Campers and/or their guests committing an act of vandalism and anyone with them will be evicted immediately, with no refund.
  4. DRUGS & ALCOHOL: Alcohol and cannabis consumption is limited to the Designated Site. Cannabis shall cease to be consumed if it interferes with the enjoyment of other Campers.  Illegal drugs may not be possessed, sold or consumed anywhere in the Resort.  No underage consumption is allowed.  
  5. SERVICES ON: Water & sewer are operational once the ground has thawed sufficiently to allow us to safely do so. There is no guarantee.
  6. VEHICLES: Only licensed vehicles maybe operated in the Resort.  A maximum of one vehicle per Designated Site. No parking on grass, in vacant sites or roadways. Driving of vehicles while intoxicated in the Resort will result in an immediate call to the local police.
  7. SPEEDING: Maximum speed on all roads in the Resort is 10km/h.
  8. MOTORIZED PERSONAL VEHICLES: Mini-bikes, motorized skateboards, all-terrain vehicles, utility terrain vehicle, side-by-side and children’s battery powered cars are not permitted. Pedal assist electric bikes are permitted, must be equipped with pedals and capable of being propelled by muscular power only. And have total power output rating of 500 W or less. 
  9. GOLF CARTS: Golf carts are not permitted for use by nightly campers.
  10. SWIMMING: Swimming is at the risk of the camper and visitors. No diving from the beach, kayaks, paddle boats or recreational equipment.  The water level is shallow!


Half Moon Lake local waterfowl population carries a parasite that may cause a skin irritation (ie. “Swimmer’s Itch”).  The skin irritation will typically go away after 24 hours for most individuals.  The resort has provided showers to rinse off after swimming to minimize the prevent the skin irritation.

  1. DAY USE AND BEACH AREAS: Use of beach and day use areas are at your own risk.
  2. BOAT USE: Ski boats and personal watercraft are not allowed at the Resort and must be removed immediately.  Boats having a motor to a maximum of 10 mph are permitted outside of the beach area.
  3. RESORT BUILINGS: No pets, smoking and consumption of alcohol are permitted.
  4. SPORT COURT, MINI GOLF, SWIMMING POOL AND RECREATION AMENTIES: Posted rules are to be observed at all times. No pets, smoking or consumption of alcohol are permitted.  Playing of loud music and sitting on nets is also not permitted.  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when using the amenities.  Misuse of the amenities, behaviour misconduct or damage to property may result in being assessed a fine or being banned from the property.
  5. TREES: Removal of trees is not permitted. Sunchaser will not be held liable if a tree branch/tree or anything attached to a tree falls onto a Camper’s property. 
  6. FIREWORKS: Fireworks are not permitted within the Resort.
  7. PETS: Pets must be leashed, attended and controlled at all times. Pets are not allowed in public structures or buildings.  Keep pets quiet and ensure that they do not become a nuisance, danger or threat to the safety of any other person.  Campers are required to promptly clean up after pets. 

Campers are permitted a maximum of 2 pets per site.  Campers bringing pets are subject to a $5.00 per day per pet fee.

Pets are not permitted on the beach, or in the playground, day use or swimming areas.

Management reserves the right to require the Camper to remove a pet from Half Moon Lake Resort without notice or reason.

  1. GARBAGE: Disposal of household garbage and waste only. Garbage must be bagged, closed securely and placed in appropriate dumpster.  No Dumping! If found that you are dumping excessive garbage a $250.00 will be levied. 
  2. FIREARMS: Firearms/Weapons are prohibited.  This includes but is not limited to paintball guns, pellet guns, knives and sling shots.
  3. COMPLAINTS AND CONCERNS: The staff does their best to help however, if you feel your concerns are not being met, please set up an appointment to meet with the Resort manager.

Cabins and Glamping Units

Please read the Resort Rules and Regulations in addition to the following terms and conditions regarding your stay.  All cabin renters must comply with all Resort Rules and Regulations, and with the following additional Rules.

Check-in: Units are inspected prior to arrival. If there are any damage or maintenance issues that are not noted on the inspection report in the unit, please notify Guest Services immediately. The renter agrees to pay for damages to the property, furniture, or missing inventory. Damages for which tenant will be responsible include but are not limited to: lost keys, broken/lost remote controls, broken items, discharged fire extinguishers (if not used for a fire), damaged/dented/bent appliances, furniture, cabinetry or dishes, writing on walls or bedding, and ripped/torn linens.

Lost Key(s): A $30 fee will apply to any lost or damaged keys or key tag.

Check-out: A Check-Out Checklist is located in each Cabin. Please follow the Check-Out procedures. At departure, the cabin glamping units are to be left in a reasonably clean condition (broom swept). Additional fees may be added to tenant’s invoice for items not completed on the checklist.   

Pets: Pets are not permitted in the units. A $250 cleaning fee will be applied to the tenant’s invoice if a pet is taken into a cabin or glamping unit. Exceptions are made for service or assistive animals.

No Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in Cabins or Glamping units. A $250 cleaning fee will be charged if there is any indication of smoking in a unit, including smoking odors. Additionally, the license agreement may be terminated.

Site Occupancy: One vehicle per Cabin and Glamping unit is permitted. An additional vehicle may be arranged through the Guest Services Office and may require an additional fee. Enclosed trailers, and RVs are not permitted to be parked at the cabins or Glamping units.  Occupancy is limited to the number listed on the reservation.

Deposits:  Following check-out, an inventory list will be provided and any items missing or damaged will be subtracted from the remaining $500.00 refundable deposit.


Half Moon Lake Resort is privately owned and RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE to anyone for any reason except for those prohibited by law.  Resort Management reserves the right to require any person or party it deems necessary to leave the Resort based on Resort Rules and Regulations or behaviour Management deems inappropriate or disturbing to others.

Sunchaser RV Resorts LP reserves the right to make changes to the rules from time to time at their discretion and it is the responsibility of the Camper to be aware of these changes.  All changes when they occur will be made available.

On behalf of each person in my party, I grant Sunchaser RV Resorts LP the right to include any photographic, video or other visual portrayals of each person in my party in any medium.

Sunchaser RV Resorts LP is not responsible for loss, damage or injury to any property or on the Resort common areas that is caused by theft, fire, and vandalism howsoever caused.

Any Resort common areas and facilities are not guaranteed and such facilities may be temporary or even permanently closed for renovations, remodeling, change in use. Meetings, management use, training maintenance, emergencies, epidemics, pandemics, acts of God, due to force majeure and the like, without any modification or change to the amount of rent paid pursuant to the Terms and Conditions. 

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