Half Moon Lake Resort

Seasonal Camper Rules and Regulations

  1. SEASONAL CAMPING LICENSE: The Seasonal Camper agrees that this is a license only and there is no intention to create a Tenant relationship. This agreement is not transferable or assignable.
  2. USE: The Camper shall use the Designated Site for recreational purposes only and shall not allow the same to be used in any manner inconsistent with such occupation so as to be a nuisance, annoyance, damage or inconvenience to the Resort or to the campers of adjoining sites.
  3. DEPOSITS: Non-refundable deposits are due by September 25, 2023. If a deposit is not received the Camper’s Designated Site will be considered available to rent to another camper.  Seasonal Campers that are not returning to the Resort are required to have their camping units removed from the Resort by October 15.
  4. SITE LICENSE FEES: Full seasonal site license fees are due by May 1, 2024. Seasonal campers will not be allowed in the Resort until Site License Fees have been paid in full and a late payment charge per month will be charged on unpaid site fees.  $100+GST will be charged on any NSF payments.
  5. ACCESS CARDS: Access cards will be activated once site fees are paid in full and agreements are completed.  Access cards cannot be shared.  1 card is provided at no cost to the camper, the additional/replacement cards can be purchased for a fee.  Allowing access to the Resort to non-registered guests may result in eviction. 
  6. GATE ACCESS: The entrance gate will be locked from 11PM to 6AM. Special arrangements need to be made in advance with management. After-hour call out fee of $75.00 per call will be charged if management is required to open entrance gate after 11PM, for a non-emergency.
  7. CAMPING UNITS: Only one camping unit per site, except for a temporary tent for minor children.  Tents are not permitted for accommodation or storage.
  8. SHARING OF UNIT: Sharing a camping unit is not permitted.  If a Camper is found to be sharing or renting to a third party, they will be asked to leave the Resort immediately and their license agreement terminated.
  9. NUMBER OF PEOPLE PER SITE: One family is permitted per Designated Site. A family is defined as two parents and their dependents under the age of 18.  All others are considered visitors.  The maximum number of visitors is limited to four unless special permission has been obtained from the Resort Manager.
  10. VISITORS: Seasonal Campers will be able to list up to six guests, to access the Resort and not pay the daily fee. The list, once provided, cannot be amended.  Visitors are required to be listed on Schedule B.
  11. PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS: Are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children on their Designated Site and throughout the Resort. Children 14 or under are required to be on their Designated Sites by 10PM. 
  12. VISITORS: All visitors must be registered at the store prior to accessing the Resort. Anyone not registered as Seasonal Camper guest, will be required to pay a day use fee.   Visitors are the responsibility of the host Seasonal Camper.  All Seasonal Campers must inform their visitors of all Resort rules prior to their arrival to the Resort.  Visitors are required to leave by 11PM. Visitors DO NOT have access to the swimming pool from July 1 to August 31.
  13. BEHAVIOUR: Seasonal Campers and their visitors must obey all posted signs with the Resort. Disruption or interference with anyone’s use of the Resort shall not be permitted.  In the case of unruly behaviour and/or illegal activities, Resort Management reserves the right to terminate the involved Seasonal Camper with no refund or return privileges, remove the camping unit from the site and place it in a designated storage area for removal at the Seasonal Camper’s risk and cost.  Abusive language or conduct of any kind is not permitted.  SUNCHASER RV RESORTS GP INC HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY RELATED TO VERBAL AND/OR PHYSICAL ABUSE TOWARDS MANAGEMENT, STAFF, VOLUNTEERS, OTHER SEASONAL CAMPERS, VISITORS AND CONTRACTORS. 
  14. LANGUAGE: Inappropriate language, including foul and abusive, at the discretion of the Resort will not be tolerated and may result in access suspension or eviction.  Racial discrimination and racial slurs WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  1. VANDILISM: Seasonal Camper and/or their guests committing an act of vandalism and anyone with them will be given 24 hours to vacate their Designated Site, no exceptions and no refund.
  2. QUIET HOURS: Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. During this time, no unnecessary driving in the Resort areas, no music and voices must be kept down.
  3. DRUGS & ALCOHOL: Alcohol and cannabis consumption is limited to the Designated Site. Cannabis shall cease to be consumed if it interferes with the enjoyment of other Seasonal Campers.  Illegal drugs may not be possessed, sold or consumed anywhere in the Resort.  No underage consumption is allowed.
  4. TERM START: May 1st. Campers are not permitted to bring in camping units or move camping units prior to this date without written consent by the Resort Manager or Regional Manager.
  5. TERM END: October 15
  6. SERVICES ON: May 1st is when we turn the power on.  The water & sewer are operational once the ground has thawed sufficiently to allow us to safely do so.  There is no guarantee.
  7. SERVICES OFF: Water is off September 30.  Electricity is off October 15th.  Make plans to winterize the camping unit prior to the term end, as there is no access after this date. Camping unit is unplugged from electrical outlet, water hoses and sewer connections to be disconnected from water tap and sewer hoses (flexible) disconnected & stored.  Site is to be tidy; all personal effects must be stored. Pest control is also recommended. Remember to secure your Designated Site when leaving for the season.
  8. VEHICLES: Only licensed vehicles maybe operated in the Resort.  A maximum of two (2) vehicles per Designated Site if the site allows. No parking on grass, in vacant sites or roadways. No non-working vehicles may be left on your Designated Site at any time.  Driving of vehicles while intoxicated in the Resort will result in an immediate call to the local police.
  9. SPEEDING: Maximum speed on all roads in the Resort is 10km/h.
  10. MOTORIZED PERSONAL VEHICLES: Mini-bikes, motorized skateboards, all-terrain vehicles, utility terrain vehicle, side-by-side and children’s battery powered cars are not permitted. Pedal assist electric bikes are permitted, must be equipped with pedals and capable of being propelled by muscular power only. And have total power output rating of 500 W or less. 
  11. BOATS AND UTILITY TRAILERS: Boat Storage is not permitted at the Resort. A maximum of one utility trailer is permitted on the Seasonal Campers Designated Site and will be charged $100.00 plus GST.
  12. GOLF CARTS: Golf carts are required to be registered annually and display a current golf cart tag/sticker and site number and will be charged a fee each term.  Golf carts with out a valid golf cart tag cannot be stored on your Designated Site. Golf Carts are required to be equipped with lights.

Golf carts are required to operate under the same guidelines as motor vehicles.  All campers must be seated in designated seat; children are not permitted to be seated on your lap.  Drivers must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.  The use of golf carts must be restricted to Resort roads and are not permitted to be driven after 11:00 PM, unless approved by management due to a disability.   Campers with a disability are eligible for a special sticker to be placed on the golf cart. 

Driving recklessly, carelessly or while consuming alcohol, thereby endangering you or others, will not be tolerated and will result in the privilege being revoked and possible termination of license agreement.

  1. RESORT BUILINGS: No pets, smoking and consumption of alcohol are permitted.
  2. SPORT COURT, MINI GOLF, SWIMMING POOL AND RECREATION AMENTIES: Posted rules are to be observed at all times. No pets, smoking or consumption of alcohol are permitted.  Playing of loud music and sitting on nets is also not permitted.  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when using the amenities.  Misuse of the amenities, behaviour misconduct or damage to property may result in being assessed a fine or being banned from the property.
  3. CAMPFIRES: The maximum diameter for fire pits is 60 cm (24”).  Campfires are not permitted on windy days and flames must be less than two feet in height.  No burning of garbage leaves or other scrap wood.  The use of all liquid agents or petroleum products such as gasoline is prohibited for starting or maintaining campfires in the Resort.  Seasonal Campers are required to be aware of fire warnings and fire bans.  
  4. TREES: Tree trimming, planting or removal of tress requires authorization. Sunchaser will not be held liable if a tree branch/tree or anything attached to a tree falls onto a Seasonal Camper’s property. 
  5. CAMPING UNITS: All camping units must be CSA approved and have a manufacturer’s certificate dated less than 20 years for existing camping units in the Resort and 15 years for new and/or replacement camping units.
  6. SALE OF CAMPING UNITS: Resort Management must approve in writing before any advertising can commence. Resort management must be notified before it can be sold within the Resort.  Camping units older than twenty years cannot be sold in the Resort and must be removed.
  7. SITE MAINTENANCE: Seasonal Campers are responsible for maintaining a well-groomed site free of unsightly debris and clutter.  Seasonal Campers must ensure that their Designated Site is tidy and well-manicured.  All modifications to a Designated Site such as gravel and trees, etc. become the property of the Resort when the Seasonal Camper license is terminated.
  8. MOWING AND SPRING CLEAN UP: Seasonal Campers are responsible for mowing their lawn, leaf removal and spring clean up within 30 days of the Resort opening.  If this work is not completed within 30 days of opening, the Seasonal Camper will receive one 48-hour notice, after which the service will be completed by the Resort at a minimum charge of $150.  For work that exceeds 1 hour, the Seasonal Camper will be billed in 1-hour increments at $85/hour.
  9. SAFETY EQUIPMENT: All camping units must be equipped with at least one smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher. All local emergency phone numbers must prominently be displayed.
  10. DECKS: Seasonal Campers are permitted one deck.  The maximum size of a deck is 320 sq ft and can’t be built higher than 2 feet from ground level.  Approval required prior to building or placing of any decks on Designated Site.  Wood decks are permitted but must be built at ground level.  Treated lumber & deck boards ONLY, no carpet coverings.  Any covered deck requires county development and building permits, this is the responsibility of the Camper to obtain. Side enclosures are not permitted without written approval from management. 
  11. GAZEBOS: The maximum size for a gazebo is 12ft by 12ft and must be kept in good condition. The Resort allows mesh sides and no more than 2 solid walls. If your gazebo is used for sleeping or storage, it will be required to be taken down.
  12. SHEDS: A maximum of one shed is permitted not to exceed 9 ft x 10 ft and must be maintained in good condition. 

No carport like structures, garage-in-a-box, or Shelter Logic are permitted and will be required to be removed immediately.

  1. FENCES: Construction of new perimeter fences is not permitted.  Existing fences are permitted to a height of 3 feet.  All fences not meeting the Resort standard are to be removed at the discretion of the Resort Manager.  A wire pet enclosure to a maximum of 100 sq ft will be permitted.   
  2. SITE IMPROVEMENTS: Sites are rented As Is.  Any improvements or modifications need to be approved in writing by the management before you start.   You must stay within your site boundary by 3 ft as to not encroach on your neighbors. Additions are not allowed, and no digging whatsoever without prior approval. Any improvement completed without prior written approval may result in non-renewal of site.  The Camper may not occupy any space exceeding the dimensions of the designated site. 
  3. MATERIALS: The Camper agrees that they will not store building materials, debris and/or other materials in their Designated Site. Tarps of any kind are not permitted. 
  4. LANDSCAPING: Anything permanent, not limited to trees, shrubs, patio stones, gravel, or fire pits are to remain on the site when you leave and becomes the property of the Resort and cannot be removed unless approved by management. 
  5. ACCESSORIES: Pools, hot tubs, saunas and trampolines are not permitted at the Camper’s Designated Site.
  6. SEPTIC: Camping units must be equipped with efficiency toilets.  Condoms, sanitary napkins, tampons, diapers, J cloths, paper towels, grease, paint, thinners, chemicals, wooden matches or any other non-dissolving solids should not be disposed of in toilets and drains.  Only human waste and toilet paper should be disposed of in toilets.
  7. ELECTRICITY: Any Seasonal Camper who changes, modifies, uses multiple outlets or damages an electrical service in the Resort will be asked to leave with no refund.  If you are not in your unit, please turn off your air conditioner.  Power outages do occur, the Resort is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a power outage.
  8. OUTSIDE REFRIGERATORS: You are permitted to have an additional energy efficient fridge or freezer located in a shed, for an additional fee. 
  9. INSURANCE: The Seasonal Camper shall provide proof of, maintain and enforce during the term of the Seasonal Camping License, public liability insurance for the benefit of Sunchaser RV Resorts LP. and the Seasonal Camper in such reasonable amounts as may be required by Sunchaser RV Resorts LP., in respect of injury or death to one or more persons in an amount of not less than two million ($2,000,000) dollars. Insurance slips for all recreational vehicles (boats, utility trailers, golf carts, etc.) must also be provided. 
  10. FIREWORKS: Fireworks are not permitted within the Resort.
  11. PETS: Pets must be leashed, attended and controlled at all times. Pets are not allowed in public structures or buildings.  Keep pets quiet and ensure that they do not become a nuisance, danger or threat to the safety of any other person.  Campers are required to promptly clean up after pets. 

A maximum of two (2) per site is permitted and are subject to the manager’s approval.  The Resort may withdraw approval at any time without notice, requiring the Camper to immediately remove the pet from the Resort.

  1. GARBAGE: Disposal of household garbage and waste only. Garbage must be bagged, closed securely and placed in appropriate dumpster.  No Dumping!  Do not put your old unwanted stuff in or near the garbage bins.  This includes propane tanks, barbeques, fridges, batteries, lumber etc.  If found that you are dumping excessive garbage a $250.00 will be levied. 
  2. FIREARMS: Firearms/Weapons are prohibited.  This includes but is not limited to paintball guns, pellet guns, knives and sling shots.
  3. COMPLAINTS AND CONCERNS: The staff does their best to help however, if you feel your concerns are not being met, please set up an appointment to meet with the Resort manager via email.
  4. TERMINATION: Further to the above points, should the Seasonal Camper fail to pay the fees or follow Resort rules as stated herein, Sunchaser RV Resorts LP. retains the right to terminate this agreement and remove any camping unit, boat, shed, deck, vehicles and/or any other personal properties from the Designated Site and place it in a designated area at the Seasonal Camper’s risk and cost.

Sunchaser RV Resorts LP is not responsible for loss, damage or injury to any property of a Seasonal Camper or visitor on a Designated Site or on the Resort common areas that is caused by theft, fire, and vandalism howsoever caused.


Sunchaser RV Resorts LP reserves the right to make changes to the rules from time to time at their discretion and it is the responsibility of the Seasonal Camper to be aware of these changes.  All changes when they occur will be available.


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